Call your Leads

There was a time when Phone Marketing was very much the thing for stone Business.
Offering various benefits, it had practically changed the face of conventional marketing while selling stone and related products such as cabinets etc.

A direct call to a prospect buyer gives a more personal connection and hence has a higher rate of conversion into sales.

Telemarketing also offers a way to follow up with existing customers. Staying in contact with your customers gives you an opportunity to find out more about the client’s needs and build a better relationship. In the end, improved customer satisfaction can have a significant impact on the profitability of your business.

Telemarketing can bring your business more sales once you succeed in projecting a positive image. Although you need to be professional when contacting potential customers, the key is to sound natural and friendly. You have only a few seconds to communicate a positive first impression.

User response can be tracked almost instantaneously and your lead can get converted into a client in just a few seconds of time.

It is Convenient to use as our CRM is very user friendly anyone can manage it easily. It is the easiest way to reach out your leads directly with minimum investment and maximum output.

How it works.

1. You get a Full featured CRM.
2. You get leads tailored for the Areas surrounding your Business Address.
3. You can upload your own Lead into the CRM.
4. Call your leads with a simple click besides the selected Lead.
5. Your online call gets converted into a phone call using our CRM

How it will organize your Clients and communication

1.Managing Clients
Managing your clients from using our CRM by adding status and outcome of each lead. Leads can expand to hundreds and can be sometimes confusing as there can be more than one member who are communicating with the leads. Confusion can form distrust and give an outlook of unprofessionalism.

2. Keeping Record
With CRM you can record the interactions, requests of the Client and track the status of every lead.

3.Tracking Clients Easily
Everyone with login can track the last communication with the client so that you keep in touch in with your client regularly.

4. Communicate Regularly
You can contact your old customers after sometime to get more orders and to maintain a good relationship with them by staying connected.
Increased communication avoids confusions and hence leads to satisfied customer.

5.Helps you expand your sales team
Once you give the sales work to your team, it becomes hard to track the progress.
With our system you can give them a list of leads to work on where the can make personalized calls.
You can choose to record the calls for audit purposes hence you can track how the sales team is performing.

6.Affordable Pricing
We are truly affordable at pricing. Please contact our sales team at our email id
or call us on +1(408)217-0934

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