Communication Tools

Communication Tools

Stunning Website
Stunning Website

Get a website that adds to the prestige of you organization and gives as lasting impression on the visitors.

StoneSuite is designed specially keeping in mind the stone business, to increase higher visibility and to give boost to their business.


Support Chat
Sales/Support Chat

Allow your customers to take decision quicker by communicating through chat when ever you want. Once the support team is online. Automatically the chat option appears.

People feel more comfortable when they can communicate instantly. You can help them to decide which stone is best according to their needs. (more…)

Send SMS to Your Leads
SMS Blaster

Send SMS to your Leads. Along with Phone you can also call you SMS Leads by just clicking send SMS.

Call Your Leads
Call your Leads

There was a time when Phone Marketing was very much the thing for stone Business.
Offering various benefits, it had practically changed the face of conventional marketing while selling stone and related products such as cabinets etc. (more…)


Stone Suite helps you to write and share blogs instantly on your website in just one click.
Build a network globally and let your opinions matter.

Blogging becomes much easier with Stone Suite. (more…)

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Hi! I'm Megan and I am in charge of making Stone-Suite as helpful as possible for you. Don't hesitate to drop me a line if you have a question, if you need help to understand the results or to find the best support personal for your website.

Questions you may have

Yes. We are completely secure and we manage your website professionaly. We have an excellent team and we will are just waiting to convert your site into a powerful tool.
Stone-suite is a feature packed system that has been build with over 5000 hour development with numerous features that is best for stone business. like Kitchen Visualizer, Edges listing, Natural stones and Quartz listing. Support Chat, CRM with Leads in your area. You will just love the complete solution. And the trial is 100% free. All you need is to just call us to order a trial setup for you.
Stone-suite is designed to get you started quickly. If you have an existing website you can easily move to stone-suite. We will transfer you content on stone-suite. Give you a Preview. And when you like it. We will make it running on your website.
Stone-suite can also design a theme that matches your existing website so that you can have that seamless experience. Just for a small fee. You can also talk on support to know about more options
Stone-suite is designed to be very user-friendly and we are sure it would be a breeze to use. But still if you need us to manage the website. You can give us plain instructions and we will fill the gap for you. You can communicate with us on phone, chat and email. We feel great to be available for you.