Locate My Team

GPS Based Team Locator Mobile Application

Now tracking becomes a lot easier with Stone Suite’s GPS Based Team Locator Mobile Application. Get to know the exact location of your employees at the specific time. Keep an eye on them and deliver your products on time in order to provide best of your services to your clients from your fingertips.

Communicate effectively

Locate your team member’s position on Google Maps at any given point of time, track them down to ensure the proper working of your organization. The trips or the tasks get easier to be planned and looked upon.

Broadcast Messages

Have something to address to your team? Do it with our GPS Team Management System where you can broadcast your message and client’s location to the member of the team irrespective of the location of each employee.

Track your team-mates

Team members can look for each other through the feature in Stone suite’s GPS Team Management feature and work collectively to give a better output and provide faster services to clients.

Operate Offline

The application is supported in the region with less connectivity or no connection at all. Hence, it works offline as well. So, no need to worry about the clients and delivery of your products. All the data and the current location gets restored once the data connection is strong.

No chance of disputes

You can prove your presence at any location, at any instant of time and protect yourself from false allegations whenever you get into a dispute with the customer. Therefore, you won’t land yourself into any kind of trouble.

Allocate task efficiently

The team manager can set up the starting and end point of the journey for the team members and allocate the task according to the feasibility of the group.
It helps in easy allocation of the jobs to team members which have completed the target and are looking for new tasks. Hence, the feature ensures the smooth functioning of your Stone business.

Android and IOS Devices

The application is designed for Android and IOS devices. The whole process gets way simpler with Stone-Suite’s Locate My Team application, as you only need an Android smartphone and you are all set to manage your team successfully. Download the application from Google Play or iTunes’ store.

Detailed Report

Team head can have a detailed report for all the trips and tasks been allotted to the staff and keep a check on them which can be further helpful while managing bigger deals.

Bill Separately

Bill all your team members separately on how much distance they have covered and the amount of time they have spent. Set rates for per km or per hour they spend in accomplishing a particular task.

Web Dashboard

Now manage the team with well-defined controls and settings on a bigger screen. Great opportunity for the team manager to multitask and manage different teams at the same time with ease.

OTP – Task Completion

The task will be completed and marked successful only if the team members on duty enter the correct OTP provided to the customer through email or SMS. Therefore, customer’s satisfaction is our prime motive.

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